Bluffonline аргентинский покер рум

BluffOnline – Argentinian poker room with weak players

Network: Independent

Country: Argentina

License: None

CashIn/CashOUT: thrue agent

Withdrawal: amount to 1k$ are  output instantly online, up to 5k$ – 24 hours, more than 5k$ – 72 hours.

Number of players per hour – peak: 300

Limits: 0.10 $ – 20 $ 5 $ -10 $.

Rakeback: to 32.5%

Software quality: 7/ 10 original

Game on: 24 hours

Link for registration:

Creat account method:

1. Go through the link to
2. At the top right cornet press Register and fill in the registration form. Promo code is not needed.
3. After opening your account, download the poker client, enter your login details, and then click Login.

Before you make  deposit please contact us at Skype Gellemar777

to check if your account is correctly tracked.

Line up to 1000 players simultaneously.


Types of Poker: NL Texas Hold’em, Pot Limit Omaha.

Bids from $ 0.10-0.20 to $ 5-10.

Level of play: amateurs .

Bluffonline Argentinian poker room with weak field, basically there are playing lovers or businessmen from Latin American countries. Playing Bluffonline conducted in the Argentine peso (1 peso = $ 0.0007). Even on weekdays there is a game at the tables 3 $ -6 $ 5 $ -10 $ in NL Hold’em and $ -1 $ 0.5 PL Omaha. Rake is 4%, cap is 4 $ -8 $ or $ 10, depending on the limit played. On Bluffonline comfortable and well-designed client.


The number of connections in the evening times reaches up to  1000 clients. Most of the action takes place on the limits between 300-600 (nl50 $) and 500-1000 chips (nl70 $) = about 20 tables are usually played.

Several heads-up matches almost always played on the stakes 2500-5000 chips (nl300$). Also you can usually take a seat at 3-4 6max tables with a a few weak players on the equeal stakes.


Heads Up wars on 5000-10000 chips tables (nl700 $) in deep stacks occur around the clock. Talking about HU-tables, they are freely recreated by the poker client. No King of the Hill system so you can seat at any available slot and wait for the opponent to join.

Attention! Playing HU is only possible if you also take part in SH action. The number of HU tables you open should be equeal to the number of SH tables you are playing.

The rake amounts to 5% with a cap of 10$ at all stakes of NLH and PLO games.


All players sites network Red Latina de Poker, this network includes by the way  Argentine poker room Bluffonline recently presented at our site,  have a good chance to take part in  September rake races.

$ 600,000 ARS (40,000 USD) guarantee! For the 1st race which will be from September 1 to 14 $ 300,000 ARS (20000USD) and  for the 2nd race Carrera from 16 to 29 September $ 300,000 ARS (20,000 USD).

Each table will be 45 prizes. In both races will be two levels of tables leaderboard. Level 1 leaderboard will be for 500-1000 limits inclusive, and on this level  prize pool is $ 174,000 ARS. (11,600 USD) on the 2nd level take part limits of 1000-2000 which prize pool is  $ 126,000 ARS. (8400 USD).

Watching  current results, you can follow this link

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Before you make  deposit please contact us at Skype gellemar77

to check if your account is correctly tracked.