Facepoker is a poker platform developed on the basis of  Android. In the Asian market is a period of unprecedented popularity of mobile poker applications. Some of these applications are well known to us and already managed to win the hearts of many regular players. One such application was Pokerfishs, which for so long pleased us with an excellent action in the cash game. Unfortunately, Pokerfishs suspended its work for an indefinite period, and some of its clubs moved to other sites. One of these sites is Facepoker.




Network: Independent
Country: China
License: No
Deposit/Cash out methods: via agent
Cash out terms: Amounts of  $1k or less are withdrawn instantly online, up to 5k – within 24 hours, 5k or more – within 72 hours.
Basic stakes: 3-6$ to 30-60$ NL Hold’em, PL Omaha.
Software quality: 7 out of 10 ( Desktop, IOS. Android)
Play available: 24/7.
Accounts created: via agent

Facepoker is a little-known poker platform that is accessible to players from all countries. Despite the fact that until now you have not heard anything about it, there is a regular cash game on high limits with recreational players from Asian countries. And all this can happened because the clubs that moved to this poker site from Pokerfishs.

What do you need to know?

Facepoker positions itself as a poker playtform for home games with friends. And indeed most of the Chinese offline amateurs have moved to online, for playing in closed clubs. The regular player is denied access to such places. However, we provide access to our players, not only in Facepoker, but also in other Chinese applications.


The main currency of Facepoker is the Chinese Yen (USD $ 1 = 6.5 CNY). Poker tables are created with a time limit (for example, 1-6 hours). At the end of each game session, rake is calculated, which is 5% of your winnings, but if you finished the game in the red, in that case, you will not pay a cent.

Poker platform Facepoker does not have an English version. At the same time, the entire main interface will be intuitively understandable for those who have already played in mobile applications of this type. Well, for beginners, to understand the fairly simple functionality of Facepoker will not be very difficult.

In the main menu of this poker platform, you need the following sections:

1) Profile  all basic information about your account is available here (number of chips, crystals, ID and nickname of the account).
2) Statistics is a section where you can track your game history.
3) Clubs is the main section of the application, where you can find available tables for the game. In order to open all the gaming tables, you need to click on the club icon.


At the moment, we provide access to one club that moved from the Pokerfishs poker application. Now here you can find about 10 active tables for playing No-Limit Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha. In the application there are 6max, 8 max and HU tables. The basic limits are from 5/10 CNY (NL150 $) to 50 / 100CNY (NL1500 $).

Do you want to start playing FacePoker? Follow these two simple steps:

1) Contact our Skype manager to get an account to play in Facepoker.
2) Install the Facepoker application on your smartphone or Android emulator on your computer and start playing!