Highrollers poker – indian poker rooom



Network: Independent

Country: India

License: no

Deposit/Withdraw methods: Skrill, Neteller, WebMoney, BTC.

Withdrawal: amount to 1k$ are  output instantly online, up to 5k$ – 24 hours, more than 5k$ – 72 hours.

Number of players during peak hour: 150

Basic limits: 0.8-1.6, до 15-30

Soft quality: 8 из 10, Connective Games

Play available: in evening and on weekends

Creating accounts: with the help of agent

Link: Highrollers.co.in

It is a local poker room for several hundred clients of poker clubs of Mumbai and Deli, As most of the players are offline users, they play very deep and frequently call 3-bets.

Players mostly chose expensive Omaha: 1.5-3$, 4-8$.