Poker Circle is a Chinese application that is available for playing from mobile phones and tablets based on iOS and Android. However, our players have the opportunity to install a special software for playing with a PC. You must already know our flagship Pokermaster, Pokerlords, PPPoker, who have proven themselves for the longest time on the best side. Therefore, based on the positive experience of cooperation with these mobile applications, we decided to add another room of the same sample.



Network: Independent
Country: China
License: No
Deposit/Withdraw methods: via agent,
Withdraw terms: Amounts up to $1k are withdrawn instantly online, up to $5k — within 24 hours, over $5k — within 72 hours.
Basic limits: 1/ 2CNY (NL30 $) up to 25/50 CNY (NL800 $) NL Holdem.
Software quality: 7 out of 10 ( Desktop, IOS. Android)
Play available: 24 hours
Creating accounts: with the help of agent
Link: Android, iPhone

Such Chinese applications as Pokercircle are not very well known to European and American players. However, in Asian countries they are have a good popularity. Nevertheless, Pokermaster has already announced itself in the world arena of online poker, as a place where you can win a lot. Thus, based on the positive experience, we offer you a Chinese application PokerCircle, in which you are waiting for a large number of recreational players from Asian countries.

HOW does this work?

At the moment, 1 club is available in the Pokercicle app. In it you can always find from 20 to 40 active tables with limits from 1/ 2CNY (NL30 $) up to 25/50 CNY (NL800 $). The game process is as follows. The administrator of the club creates a table for which any interested person registered in the club can join. All tables are created with a time limit of 30 minutes to 6 hours. The club strictly adhere to the rules of poker etiquette. Therefore, if you win some chips, do not rush to leave the poker table at once, you’d better sit 20-30 hands before you leave the table. Otherwise, you risk being removed from the club for hit and run.


PokerCircle is an exclusive poker room with a lot of recreational players. You have two options to play in this poker room. The first and most popular option is the use of iOS or Android devices, to play with a tablet or smartphone. The second option, no less convenient, the ability to play with a PC. Playing with a computer, you have the opportunity to open several tables at once. To start playing you need to download the application for Android, iPhone and install it in your device.

How to install Pokercircle on a computer?

General information:

PokerCircle main currency is Chinese Yen (USD$1 = 6,5 CNY). Rake system in this room is different to the classic systems traditionally used by the rooms, we think. Poker tables in PokerCircle have time limits (of 1 to 6 hours). So the rake is deducted after the table time limit expires. If you had a losing session, you won’t pay a cent as a rake, on the other hand, you will have to pay 5% of your profit should you win something.

If you want to try to play at PokerCircle, please contact us via  Skype or email. Our managers will gladly help you to create an account.