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Best FAQ PokerMaster: This FAQ will help our players to understand difficult system of play in Chinese poker room PokerMaster. Information will be extremely useful for the new players in the room and also for those who is only going to begin playing.

Q&A about Pokermaster, ot all you wanted to know about online poker room pokermaster

How to play in pokermaster? poker room description, instalation, games.



What is this room and why does everyone talking of Pokermaster?

This is the room for the most expensive games between Chinese players and regulars who have an access to play against them. Level of skill of the players and common tendency of the games leaves all other online games behind if we mean weakness of squads.

Who can play?

We accept cash players of $NL600+ and PL$600+. The tables reach sky rocket stakes. HU tables are available, as well as regular tables. There are no SNG and MTT tournaments.

Is this another fishy room not in terms of fish?

No, this is the room affiliates and agent work with for over six months. There are lots of Russian pro players in the room who play here for 2-3 months.

How to install the room?

PM is an app from AppStore or Google Play. It is downloadable on request “Pokermaster” (with green spade in the logo). This is basically software and play money platform. Where one is able to organize games like Pokerstars’ Home Games. In order to understand how it all works, just imagine that you and your friends made Home Games Club with cash tables and play there for play money. The difference is PokerMaster is the place where they play for real money and pay out outside the app. The organizers of Clubs are the owners of private live poker clubs and casinos on non-isle part of China.

Why can’t these players play in some common room?

  • First reason: gambling is prohibited in China. That way, by playing in the app and making transaction via familiar agent – securing the things. This is the principle of agents cashier – and most Asian poker rooms, sportsbooks and casinos work like that (in Malaysia, Vietnam e.t.c.) Agents are big affiliates in China, usually they are famous, known to the players and trustworthy. You don’t have to makes some sort of bank transfers o show money movements in some other way.
  • Second reason: the Chinese are used to play live so mechanics of online play fully repeat the one of live game
  • Third reason: it is easier for Chinese to use cash. They don’t use e-wallets we’re used to, like Skrill as most of them are restricted there.

How do they play?

There are some serious differences from poker rooms we’re used to. You need to understand it if you want to stick in the room, and it worth it.

Distinctions from the other poker rooms:

  • 1. Each club has a certain number of players who have an access to it (like in Home Games-clubs). If player is not added to the club, he won’t be able to join the game at the tables. The owners of the clubs open NN number of cash tables in the club (of stakes 10-20, 20-40 and 50-100, for instance). Players who are willing to join, take their seats until the table is full and the game begins.
  • 2. Second important thing. Each table is made for a certain amount of time. Hat does it mean? You seat at the table, and the play in it will end in 2-3-4 hours. Players see the time the table will be shut down before seating at the table. It is not very good to leave the table before it expires. Players who leave too early too often may be excluded from the club. This might seem weird, but this is how the game in PM organized.
  • 3. Third. Rake. Thers is no rake we’re used to from every pot to the room – no. The hands don’t have fees while the game is still on. When table time expires, the game also ends and they deduct rake of 5% of the amount the players won and only from those who won. The loser don’t pay a thing For example, 4 players lost during the sessions and two won. The losers don’t pay a thing. How much do the winner play: for instance, Player 1 won 10,000 CNY. His rake will be 500 CNY. There is no rake from the buy-ins of the player. Player two won 5,000 CNY. He will pay 250 CNY.
  • 4. Finally, the last distinction. They play for chips, not Chinese Yen CNY. 10% of chips in your stack disappear as you seat at the table (this is not money!). Those insignificant amounts of $1-2 are given to the software developers of PM. That way you may have less chips that real money in result of the sessions. Don’t worry. Our manager will add those chips back and you will lose just a couple of bucks may be. This is a difficult system. In order to simplify it, think like that. Neglect those deduction at seating. Should chips come to an end, you may order them from Goran. Stats of your play is available in Results tab in the app. It always has exact results.

How many tables are played every day?

We give you an access to 5-10 clubs, so there is play all the time aor almost all the time, in PLO and NLH.

How weak are the games?

Weaker than anywhere online.

Are there regulars?

Sure, but there is also a stream of fish due to Chinese agents.

If Pokermaster is a mobile poker room, how do i play on desktop?

We supply with special software to play on the desktop. It take time to figureit out. Those who are used to comfortable PC clients may be “surprised”… You will be able to play at 4-5 tables simultaneously, but that will require computer resources. Ideally, you have to have 16 GB RAM and corresponding configuration.

We offer you starting from one table, if you’re willing to try.

Can i play without this software?

Yes, sure. You may play at one table on the tablet or iPhone or some modern Android device. We have a player who uses three tablets. Clients work much more stable that way

Are there stats?

No and we hope they won’t appear as it will speed up worsening the field in geometrical progression.

Am i able to multitable?

Yes, we supply our players with special software to play on PC. Using this software, one is able to play at six tables simultaneously.

Safety, teamplay, schemes


Мы делаем все, чтобы предоставить игрокам наиболее безопасные условия игры. Не в качестве формальной фразы, а реально встречаемся с представителями клубов и добавляем только крупные и имеющие имя в китайской игровой среде.

We try our best to supply players with the safest conditions of play. This is not just some formal phrase, we really meet the representatives of clubs and add only the biggest and most respectful clubs of Chinese gambling environment.


Our player win  lot and get their cash outs in time. Nevertheless, there are cases of team play and some cheatings form managers (as each club is a separate structure, room in the room. So the fact it happens in one room technically doesn’t mean other clubs do the same thing as they have other owners etc. We didn’t have anything like that in our three months of work and we hope it won’t happen in the future but we give you the full picture of what’s going on.


I would like to notice that play in any room, even PokerStars is risk-potential reward ratio and each player makes decision for himself based on the info he knows. The latest news say that big brands like PKR aren’t making cash outs. So try to assess the situation. Those who put safety first should probably plat at PS, Party, Titan Poker, 888. Value and set of available games there correlate with high level of safety.

Do you guarantee anything?

Yes, we guarantee your deposits (we physically keep your money at our accounts for some time) in case force majeure will happen .

Do you have many affiliated players?

Yes, some of them are famous in the community.

Who are they?

We don’t give away this information. Ask your friends, probably, some of them play or now someone who plays in PokerMaster.

If I am willing to try, how do i test it?

Ask for your testing account from our manager. Make a request

How do i deposit/make cash out?

We accept deposit in Skrill, Neteller, EcoPayz, BTC, ETH. We make cash outs to this systems as well. In order to have a cash out in any agents room, oyu ask our manager.

Cash out fees

Important. As we make a cash out, it has a small fee. We offer top conditions on this percentage to or VIP players. Contact our manager in order to get a private deal.

Terms of cashouts?

Amounts up to $10K — instant to 1-2 days. Bigger amounts – up to 5 working days, usually faster.

What is the minimal deposit?

2000$. Minimal stakes limit is NL$600.

How do i track my results?

Considering the room was mostly made for play money, small amounts of chips are deducted from your stack each time you take a seat at the table. Your real bankroll may not correlate with the real bankroll amount.

Don’t worry about it as the system counts the results of each session.

In order to see your real results, you have to click in “History” tab inside the app. The stats is also available online. In order to get an access, enter the web site http://9723621.life Use you mobile phone as log in to your account. It is the log in of your account. Just base on it. Read more

Start of play

After you make a deposit, we will sent you data for account enter (log in is your phone and password is a word) and you are in the lobby. Below the promo banners and announces is a list of available games from different clubs.

Game — Holdem tables

Omaha — is PLO.

Each tables has the time he was created for, blinds, antes (if any), maximal number of seats and free seats. Click on the table and it will open. Take the place at the table if you’re willing to play.

Buy-in: 100 to 500bb.

20-40 CNY is about NL$600, the stacks are usually deep.

Please plan your sessions. Chinese become really offended if someone leaves the table before the table is shut down. Especially if you’re winning. You may be excluded from the club and we won’t be able to help in all the situations.

One is unable to chat at the table and mic (team speak).

Interface elements are rather comfortable and user friendly.

To play on PC, ask for a file with installation instruction from our manager. Installation will take 10-15 minutes and will allow you to multi table.


We will add info to this FAQ Pokermaster and will be thankful if you tell us what you want to hear. Give it to your friends so that will be able to understand the way room operates.

Write to us in skype and chat  — ask more questions.

Best of luck to everyone on PokerMaster, I went to play myself.