Pokermonster is a Chinese poker room, which belongs to the holding company Beijing Lianzhong. A distinctive feature of this poker room is the large number of weak players. Pokermonster is perfect place for medium and high stakes players.

Lobby pokermonster

Lobby pokermonster

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Network: Independent, including Lianzhong poker and Pokermonser
Country: China
License: No. But room belongs to the same company (Ourgame) who owes WPT, so security and safety is very high.
Cash in/cash out: Bitcoins, Skrill, Neteller, BTC during 10mins-48H max
Withdrawal: amount to 1k$ are  output instantly online, up to 5k$ – 24 hours, more than 5k$ – 72 hours.
Number of players: 800-2500
Game limits: NLH 0.10-0.20$ up to 16.5-33$, OFC 0.01$ – 33$ per point
Rakeback and cashback: up to 45% for highrolles up to 35% for nl200, by exchanging vip-points.
Quality of Software: 7 from 10, original flash and desktop version, also mobile one
Game is on: 24H
Website: http://pw.Lianzhong .com
Link for registration:

In this poker room is a huge number of recreational players poorly versed in the fundamentals of the game, which came from social networks. Game in Texas and Omaha can be found to the blinds up to 100-200 万 – that means $ 11.5-23. Game Chinese poker pineapple (OFC Pineapple) can be found at rates of up to $ 30 (250 万) per point.

Special offer! For all players who will score 5,000 points at Pokermonster, we provide a full free hands-off converter for HM2 or PT3.

How do I register?

Click  >>>  here  <<< for detailed instructions of the registration process.

Important information! After registering on our link you should immediately check in your account level 13 presence , this means account create correctly.

If you are registering on our link, you will immediately receive  13th VIP-level, which corresponds to approximately 23% rakeback, further increasing the level of rakeback depending on your Vip-level. Also on the site there is cashback up to 45% which can be obtained through the exchange of points.

Pokermonster — how to download ?

Click  >>>  here  <<< for detailed instructions of the changing language of the client

For those playing Texas and Omaha – some good news. There are 3 kinds of clients:

  1. Desktop clints for playing Chinese poker – to download, install, Chinese language. Download desktop client.
  2. Flash client — quite nice work here, with fast speed, it is easy to multitable.
  3.  Flash client in English —  Soft is very pleasant

For those playing OFC pineapple on desktop there is only flash version:

  1. Flash client[/CBC] — very nice interface, music and so on, it is even more entertaining than Fulpot poker. It is very well made – ine can play at multiple tables! Just open the second browser window. Main play is Pineapple progressive . Stakes at any time from 4 dollars, often there is game for $15-30 per point.
  2. There is IOS client, link is available for download from flash during the game.


Table 1. Ratios of your VIP-level to rakeback:


Table 2. Quantity of rake to Vip-level achievement


Deposit and Withdrawl.

Minimal deposit is 100$. Gold Chips can be exchanged for money in both directions through an agent. We exchange for Pokermonster almost 24 hours a day as we have two operators who change each other.

The course has been adjusted network February 16, 2017

Currently we deposit chips at the rate 100$ = 927万 ( 9.266.892 regular ) golden chips

Currently we withdraw chips at the rate 100$ = 966万( 9.658.451 regular) golden chips

Short video of HOW TO LOG IN and play:

Tutorial on LIANZHONG POKER — Video.

UPDATE: Here is the screenshot of how to log in with the new design!

Lianzhong poker (лианзонг покер) - китайский покер рум на реальные деньги!

Instruction: How to write e-mail and change password.

Here is the translation of all the buttons in the lobby.

Lianzhong poker (лианзонг покер) - инструкция и перевод

Here is the translation of buttons during the play at the table

Lianzhong poker (лианзонг покер)


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