Top 5 best Asian online poker rooms

Top 5 Best Asian Poker Rooms


We have compiled a list of the best poker rooms by feedback from our customers. Here you will find a brief overview of each of the online poker rooms.

1 – Pokerfishs

One of the best poker rooms. Although this is not a poker room, but a poker application for iOS or Android, which will give you the opportunity to play an expensive cash game every day. Online poker is developing rapidly in Asia, so many poker rooms there not so famous on European market. Nowadays, a huge popularity is gaining by cash game in private online clubs. Pokerfishs is such a little-known Chinese poker room, which is available for players from all countries. Despite the fact that until now you have not heard about it, the biggest cons is that there is a regular cash game on the highest limits with recreational players from Asia. The company Pokerfishes is very similar to home games, as it is engaged in hosting poker games.

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2 – Pokermaster

PokerMaster is a very special poker room. Pokermaster is a new Asian poker room for playing with mobile devices iOS or Android. We recommend PokerMaster only for experienced players who are ready to put a minimum of NL600 / PL600.

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3 – Pokermonster

This is part of the Beijing Lianzhong company, which has already gathered many players all over Asia. It claims that it has 500 million registered users in the region. Pokermonster conducts a large number of events and tournaments with large prize pools and he has a very rich library of tutorials for beginners.

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4 – Fulpot

Korean social poker room Fulpot poker (“Fulpot poker” or just “fulpot”). We do not know why, but everyone calls it the Chinese site.
This is one of the largest independent online poker rooms. This poker room with the presence of a large number of actions, as Koreans and Chinese like to express themselves. In fact, this means that many of them play aggressively, but weakly.

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5 – ShenPoker

ShenPoker refers to the IDN Play poker network. The second largest traffic in this largest Asian network. ShenPoker has an excellent app for android and for iPhone. They offer English and Chinese support. Multicurrency.

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