Online poker rooms

Pokermaster is an exclusive poker room, with a lot of expensive cash games.

PokerAA is a cozy poker room with a unique software and soft players, which include 90% customers from the Middle East. If you want to play with weak opponents and at the same time play at medium and high limits, then you will be interested in this room.

Thirteen Poker – online application for playing poker from mobile devices. For a number of reasons, this poker room is a pretty tempting place to play.

SuperPoker is a new poker platform for mobile applications iOS or Android.

Pokerlords is a mobile app with access to closed clubs with good action at the tables.


The Korean-Chinese online poker room with the big number of amateurs and the biggest stakes in Chinese Poker. Texas, Omaha, Chinese OFC poker.


Indian online poker room with relatively small stakes and play available 24 hours a day. Many newbies who sometimes barely know rules.


Tianlong Poker – this is asian poker room, and “skin” of GG Network. In this poker room you can enjoy NL Hold’em and PL Omaha at all possible limits to NL1000.


Natural8 – this is one of the best and biggest “skins” GG Network. To attract new players, this poker room is sponsoring such famous players as: Xuan Liu, Kitty Kuo, Dong Kim.

Lianzhong poker AKA Pokermonster. The Chinese online poker room. 3,000 amateur players. Texas, Omaha, Chinese OFC poker.The room belongs to famous Chinese IT gambling company Lianzhong.