(01.04.2019) The most successful WPT player was robbed


Throughout his career, Darren Elias has won over 7 000 000$ in live tournaments. Darren won the WPT Main Event four times:

  • Borgata Poker Open 2014 – 843 000$
  • WPT Caribbean 2014 – 127 000$
  • Fallsview Poker Classic 2017 – 335 000$
  • Bobby Baldwin Classic 2018 – 387 000$

Due to the nature of their work, poker players are often travelling all around the world to play on numerous live series. And sometimes it can be dangerous. While Darren and his wife were on a trip, an armed robber broke into their house.
The worst thing is that the house was not empty during this robbery. A 19-year-old nanny was babysitting a small Darren’s child. The gangster locked frightened girl in the bathroom. She acted very brave and got out of the bathroom through the window, simultaneously calling the police.
The police caught the criminal on the next day. It turned out that he is also connected with poker world, his name is Shannon Soroka and he is 24-year-old poker player. The guy doesn’t have any big victories in poker, but now he will surely have serious criminal record.


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