(01.12.2017) $25K Xmas Omaha Invitational at Natural8!


Natural8 presents a Merry Christmas Exclusive $25K Omaha Invitational Tournament. You can celebrate the festive season by playing Omaha for a chance to win tournament tickets to the $25K Xmas Omaha Invitational on Dec 25!

Merry Christmas Exclusive $25K Omaha Invitational Tournament.

Merry Christmas Exclusive $25K Omaha Invitational Tournament.

How are tickets credited?

  • During the promotional period, tickets will be credited according to the X amount of Omaha hands played per blinds as shown in the chart above.
  • Tickets will be credited to your account in the following days : Dec 4, 11, 18, 25 before 13:00 (UTC+0).
  • Even if you satisfy the X hands requirement at two different blind levels, you will only be credited with one ticket for the entire promotional period.

X Hands per Blinds Chart

Period: December 1st, 00:00:00 ~ December 24th, 23:59:59 (UTC+00:00)

Note : Hands from AoF Omaha and Omaha tournaments do not count to the X amount.


Blinds X Hands
$25/$50 100
$5/$10 300
$3/$6 450
$2/$4 600
$1/$2 1,000
$0.50/$1 1,500
$0.25/$0.50 2,000
$0.10/$0.25 2,800
$0.05/$0.10 3,500


Tournament Detail

  • Game Type : Pot Limit Omaha
  • Starting Time : Dec 25, 14:00 (UTC +0)
  • Buy-in : “Xmas Omaha Invitational” ticket only
  • Guarantee : $25,000
  • Late Reg.: 60mins
  • Starting Chips :10,000
  • Min Players : 9
  • Max Players : 2,000
  • Break Time : 5 mins for every 55 mins
  • You will be credited with a $25K Xmas Omaha Invitational Tournament ticket by playing an X amount of hands in Omaha.
  • The $25K Xmas Omaha Invitational will start at Dec 25, 14:00 (UTC +0).

Natural8  is one of the best and biggest representatives of  GG Network. To attract new players, this poker room is sponsors the following famous players: Xuan Liu, Kitty Kuo, Dong Kim.


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