(04.02.2019) Bryn Kenney became Aussie Millions 2019 Main Event champion


Aussie Millions Main Event 2019 gathered a record field of players for the series –  a total of 822 entries provided a prize fund of AUS $8,22 million.

Only seven players made it to the fourth day of the tournament. Mike Del Vecchio had the biggest stack. After Clinton Taylor left the game in fourth place, a very long 3-max began. When three players were left in the game, Bryn Kenney was with the shortest stack (29 BB), Mike Del Vecchio (64 BB) felt a little better, and Australian Andrew Hinrichsen (159 BB) was the chip leader. But after that the leadership changed several times.

The three finalists played for 4 hours and they saw more than 100 hands. After the last break of the evening players decided to make a deal by ICM. They shook hands, and Bryn Kenney became the champion despite the fact that he had two big blinds less than Mike Del Vecchio. This was the condition of the American player:

“I said that I wasn’t interested in a deal unless I was going to win. If we were going to play to win, then I’m happy to play to win. But if I’m going to make a deal then I feel like the tournament is sort of over. I’ve played for this much before, but this must have been the biggest pay jump that they’ve both ever been involved in”.

Mike Del Vecchio became a runner-up:

“It’s bittersweet. I wanted that trophy more than anything in the world. When we were doing the deal negotiations, he wanted the win and the money. I was like I’m not giving you both. So, in the end, I didn’t give him a cent, but I wanted the trophy really badly”.

And Andrew Hinrichsen became the third and got 300 000$ more than he was entitled for the third place:

“I was very happy to lock up almost second place money as the short stack. I’ve not played many AU$500,000 poker games before and I don’t plan on any time soon!”.


Aussie Millions Main Event 2019 – final results:

  1. Bryn Kenney (United States США) – 923 300$*
  2. Mike Del Vecchio (United States) – 923 000$*
  3. Andrew Hinrichsen (Australia) – 796 000$*
  4. Clinton Taylor (Australia) – 350 400$
  5. Matthew Wakeman (Australia) – 275 900$
  6. Gyeong Byeong Lee (Korea) – 224 200$
  7. Hamish Crawshaw (New Zealand) – 175 200$

*as a result of a deal

For Bryn Kenny this result is one of the best in his career, now the professional’s winnings amount over 26,6 million dollars in total. For both Mike and Andrew, this tournament’s results were the biggest career wins.


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