(05.03.2019) Crazy casino fight because of one missed blind.




Last weekend a real fight took place in one of the casinos in Arizona – Talking Stick. A video of what has happened was published on the forum 2+2. According to eyewitnesses, the player walked around the room and swore loudly at the dealer because of a missed blind. He was heading to the exit, and suddenly another guy attacked him and began to beat.

But better once to see, than hundred times to hear.

Video – part 1


Video – part 2


The guy was angry at the dealers because of a missed blind according to comments.

The video of the incident was shared by famous American poker player Joe Ingram in his social networks. In the comments to one of his posts, an eyewitness of what was happening tried to clarify the situation:

«I’ll try to help out here. I signed up on the waiting list right when this went down. The dealer yelled “Floor on 13!” You could tell it wasn’t an ordinary request for a ruling from the urgency in the dealer’s voice. Two or three staff members quickly arrive at the table and it appears someone is getting kicked out. The man starts yelling that they don’t care about the players and it’s the dealer’s fault then gathers his chips and screams out “F*** every dealer in here”. He gets boos from all around after making this statement. After he gets up and starts heading to cash out his chips he gets in the face of multiple players (probably people that were booing?) in an aggressive and threatening way. This is where the choke from behind comes in from the first vid, it seems it was some kind of hero attempt due to the lack of control staff/security had on the situation. Fight breaks out from there and yes I did hear from multiple dealers this escalated from a missed blind».

According to rumors, both participants were escorted out of the casino and blacklisted.

At the 2+2 forum, the majority of players criticized this behavior of the player and his aggression towards the dealer, but some also noted that the situation could have ended more or less peacefully if the other participant in the incident had not started a fight.

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