(06.11.2019) Red Dragon Poker is a Chinise Pokerstars?

Red Dragon

Red Dragon

Red Dragon Poker Platform has long been available only to players from Asian countries. However, each player can now start here. According to official  information Red Dragon is a partner of Pokerstars and is also managed by the management of the world’s largest poker room.

Red Dragon Poker

Red Dragon Poker

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The poker application uses a special game currency Red Dragon Coins (1 CNY = 16.66 RDC). To find out which stakes yoy want to play, you need to split the current limits into 16.66 multipliers. For example, the limit of 200/400/400 in Red Dragon coins chips equals the limit of 12/24/24 CNY.

Asia-poker players can play Hold’em, Omaha and Shortdeck games. The squads at the tables are quite weak. All tables in the application are created for a short time (up to 2.5 hours). We help our players to set up the software to play in a comfortable environment.

To start the game you need to make a deposit of at least 300 dollars. You can deposit or withdraw funds through our manager. If you are interested in this poker room and want to start playing, please contact our manager at Skype.


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