(18.04.2014) LZCOOP is a championship of online poker at Pokermonster.


Pokermonster is one of the largest poker room in China. At this place, you can regularly find tournaments  with big guarantees (5-10, 20, and also 100 thousand dollars), which there are always overlays. If you take into account that the field in this poker room is not the strongest, then the game here becomes quite profitable. As in many major poker rooms, Pokermonster hosts the tournament series. One such series is called LZCOOP (LIANZHONG CHAMPIONSHIP OF ONLINE POKER).

LZCOOP is a championship of online poker at Pokermonster.

LZCOOP is a championship of online poker at Pokermonster.


Starting from April 30, 2017, in the Chinese poker room Pokermonster will be held the tournament series LZCOOP (LIANZHONG CHAMPIONSHIP OF ONLINE POKER). The 33 tournament events that are included in the LZCOOP schedule offer a wide variety of formats and buyins, so that every player, regardless of the bankroll, has the opportunity to play in this tournament series. The total prize fund of the series is almost 700 thousand dollars.


Particular attention to tournament players, it is worthwhile to draw on the main events of the LZCOOP Main Event. Despite the expensive buy in 53 million gold chips (550 dollars), the prize fund of the tournament will be 17.5 billion gold chips (almost 200 thousand dollars). The starting stack of 20 thousand chips, the growth of the blinds for 15 minutes. If you can not afford to play this tournament directly, then you can go through satellites that start at only 5.5 million gold chips (about $ 60).



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