(10.05.2018) New club at Pokercircle.

New club at Pokercircle.

New club at Pokercircle.

Pokercircle is an application for playing poker on a mobile phone, which was originally planned exclusively for Asian players. The interface is very similar to the already familiar Pokermaster. The main advantage of this application is obviously a weak field and a constant action at low and medium limits.

We are glad to inform you that after a short absence, Pokercircle resumes its work. Recall that mobile applications operate on the principle of closed clubs, in which the normal player is not allowed to enter. However, for our players, we provide access to these private games.

How it works?

Currently, the club Pokercircle has from 30 to 40 active tables. The game takes place exclusively in NLH at the limits from 1/2 to 25/50/100 CNY (NL30 $ – NL800 $). Now they play only for 8 max tables. But, in the near future it is possible to connect headshots.



Unfortunately, at the moment this poker room does not support soft, but right in the app there is built-in statistics with basic characteristics (VPIP, PFR, etc.), which greatly help you during the game.

To access the game you need to contact our manager in Skype.

PokerCircle is an exclusive poker room with a lot of recreational players.


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