(10.06.2018) LotosPoker presents promotion “We Believe”.


The greatest sports event of 2018 starts in Russia in June 2018 – FIFA World Cup. LotosPoker offers you a chance to get additional cashback for the World Cup term – June 14th – July 15th. Time to show your sports knowledge and intuition!

We Believe!

We Believe!

Just before each World Cup match of Russian National Team, make a deposit of $30 or above using the promo code to make your match outcome prediction.

In case you got the result right, we will add 5% of cashback to your rewards for the period of play between June 14th and July 15th!

Apart from that, in case Russia will win the World Cup this year, all promo code depositors will be awarded a staggering 146% cashback for World Cup gaming activity on LotosPoker.

We believe!

Promo Codes

Match Date/Time (GMT) Russia Wins Draw Opponent Wins
Russia – Saudi Arabia June 14th, 15:00 RU1WIN RU1DRAW RU1LOSS
Russia – Egypt June 19th, 18:00 RU2WIN RU2DRAW RU2LOSS
Russia – Uruguay June 25th, 14:00 RU3WIN RU3DRAW RU3LOSS


Promo code deposits are accepted until the official time of the start for each match.

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