(11.01.2019) 99% of players would not have folded it!


At the PokerStars Players No-Limit Hold’em Championship there are many different players – amateurs and experienced professionals, so you can see a lot interesting moments in this tournament. Although 2019 has just begun, one hand from the game was already named as the “best fold of 2019”.
This hand took place on the second day of the PSPC, it happened between Thi Xoa Nguyen from Vietnam and American Athanasios Polychronopoulos, who has 2 WSOP bracelets on his record:

Brief description of the hand:
Nguyen from the button called Athanasios’ 3-bet (BB) to see the flop K♠ 9♠ Q♦. Both players checked the flop and on the turn saw Q♥. Nguyen bet 17 000 on the American’s check and he quickly called. A♠ completed the board. Athanasios checked again, and Thi bet 50 000, leaving only 153 000 chips in her stack. Then Polychronopoulos shoved.
Thi thought for a couple of minutes and in the end folded A♦ Q♣ (full house) face up. The audience, commentators and viewers of the broadcast were all shocked, but the American showed his A♥ A♣, which means that the girl made the right decision and thus remained in the game.

Thi Xoa Nguyen’s comments
Those several minutes that were needed to make a decision on the river, Nguyen was not looking for any tells. She was thinking over the hand, analyzing the hands her opponent could use such a line with. She used the preflop (he looked very confident) and the flop tells (he quickly checked), and on the river she no longer interested in it.
“When he three-bet me before the flop, he looked very certain, he didn’t look like he was three-betting me light. That helped me”.

Athanasios Polychronopoulos’ comments
“When she flipped over her hand and folded, I thought, ‘Man, she really earned this.’ I gotta show her, ya know? And the cameras are on; it’s good for the game. I decided to show her she made the correct laydown because she earned it”.

PSPC’s outcome for both players
As a result, Thi cashed in the PSPC event, but left the game at 153 place. For this, she received 25 450$, which is only slightly more than the buy-in paid, but it is a good result, considering the fact that she could go home with nothing.
Polychronopoulos took the 72nd place and received 45 700$. He almost managed to double his buy-in.


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