(11.12.2016) Review of online poker traffic.(November 2016)


Passed last month of autumn and it’s time to take stock. In general, in November no significant change in online poker traffic did not happen. Of course, some poker rooms lost some traffic, and other сonversely showed growth, thanks to the competent work of marketers. Mostly, our review will focus on the poker rooms presented on our website.


Let’s start with the market leader  PokerStars.com, which lost 2% of his traffic in November. Apparently, the new policy of “red peak”, which aims to maximize the “speed up poker,” does not make significant progress. About evidenced latest innovation tournaments «Beat the clock», the main highlight of which is the high rake 11%, and tournaments themselves are only 5 minutes. Naturally, the weak players are opting Spin & go or «Beat the clock» ignoring cash tables, chasing the possibility of a quick profit.

PokerDom over the past 6 months showing stable growth in traffic. November was no exception demonstrating overall increase of 5%. Not least of all, in the development of the poker room to play the correct marketing strategy. Regular events for ring-game players, the rake race, tournament series, the series of partnerships with offline, it all pays off. Currently PokerDom is on the 13th line “pokerskaut” rating.


Poker666. There is practically no comments. This private, Middle Eastern poker room has online traffic up to 300 people, without spending a dime on marketing. And all because the field is simply “gorgeous.” Stop by and see for yourself!


Lianzhong (Pokermonster). In this Chinese poker room, everything is more than good. At the peak online, number of players up to 5000 players. Growth in November was 9%, which is a pretty good indicator. Again, not a small role played by properly constructed VIP program where cashback to players can reach up to 45%.

Shenpoker. We just recently added this poker room to our list, but you will not believe. Daily online players here can reach up to 6000 connections. How is this possible? All because of the incredible “poker boom”, which is currently taking place in China.

FullPot poker. This Korean poker room, recently, a little lost its popularity. But, nevertheless, at the peak observed up to 1000 players here. In November, FullPot poker lost 3% of its traffic.


Spartan Poker. This poker room is currently going through hard times. Exchange in India cash for new notes, expectedly did not lead to an increase in the number of players online. The fall was accompanied by traffic, shareholder conflict and move “Spartan” to another domain. In November SpartanPoker demonstrated regression 11% of their traffic. Whatever it was, in this poker room one of the best field on the Internet. And permanent promotion for cash players, becoming  extremely profitable cash games.
Pokerbaazi. Here the same situation as that available online and SpartanPoker observed fall. In November, the poker room has lost 7%.

GG Network and other poker rooms:

Natural8 occupies a leading position in GG Network network. The best compositions – the best action, such a bunch of this poker room gives a steady increase in online. In November, this poker room added 4% of its traffic.

Tialong Poker. This Asian poker room boasts of players online at the peak of up to 3,000 connections. To achieve such success Tialong Poker., Failed due to the large number of recreational players and a high rakeback  wich of  40% . In November there has been a traffic increase of 7%.

South America:

Bluffonline. Traffic of this poker room is stable. Last but not least the number of players online is maintained by continuously extending rake races. In November Bluffonline added 3%.



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