(12.02.2017) The government will block access to online poker for Russians!


Probably you are waiting for, when is online poker will be allowed at the legislative level? So we hasten to disappoint you, because the work in Gosduma is conducted in a completely different direction. The Russian Government introduced a bill about the ban banks whos transfer money against foreign companies and any individuals seen who is organization  gambling games contrary to Russian law. Black list will be under the strict control FTS (Federal Tax Service).

We all know that the conduct of online gambling was banned by federal law in 2006, and already in 2014 RKN (Rosskomnadzor) began to enter the poker rooms in the list of banned sites. Basically, poker rooms registered in offshore zones, and it is impossible to close them, and those players who play there did not really break the law, because the server of these companies are located outside the Russian Federation.

Any ecosystem, sooner or later begins to adapt to the environment. In fact, there is nothing easier than to circumvent site blocking by setting the VPN applications , of which abound on the Internet. Just a few clicks and one minute of the time spent, you get access to blocked sites. In turn, and poker rooms, like players adapted to the situation and find a solution to bypass your locks by transferring site to a new domain, the creation of mirrors, a redirect from the old address to the new, etc. These are not simple solutions, which are sometimes very time-consuming and not very efficient, because a few weeks later RKN again blocks a new site address.

Can not you just score and go into another field? Not really. According to research analysts, at the moment, the shadow turnover in the market of gambling in the Russian of 3 bln. dollars , and every poker room trying to take a bite out of the “pie”, as can be larger piece. In most countries the leading online poker world has long been a customary rule. Players from different parts of the world enjoy playing poker while winning good money, thereby allowing more benefit from this treasury of the state. Surprisingly, our government being the supposed stats on possible income from online poker, and tens of millions of dollars, it is still trying to ban it completely.

Discussion of the bill on the prohibition of the transfer of money to banks or individuals seen in the organization of games of chance contrary to Russian law will be held at a meeting of the government, which supposedly will February 16 . According to preliminary data, the FTS will be a black list of Russian and foreign companies as well as individual entrepreneurs and natural persons, including foreigners, which the Russians transfer or may transfer money to participate in gambling. Black Lists will be sent to the banks, which will deny the Russians in their personal transfers of funds to the accounts of these companies or people. Transfer money to companies and individuals from the black list of online poker operators will not be either in cash or by a bank card or virtual wallets.

Summarizing, we can say with certainty that the good in this government initiative is very small. Especially for professional poker players, as each field day worse, because the lock sites, the influx of recreational players was reduced, win rates are falling, “acquire” it becomes much more difficult. And if the bill comes into force, then the influx of new players will be forgotten. If a professional poker player will find a way to make a deposit or withdraw money “legally”, the other players do not earn playing poker, just find an alternative embodiment of gambling.


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