13poker violates the laws on the number of fish. Pokerfishs and new clubs on the Pokermaster.


Chinese New Year put on a pause a lot of projects and specifically so separated the flies from cutlets. As the Chinese say, under the new year there is the largest number of kits and redistribution in business. Not without hot news this time.

The game on Pokerfishs almost completely disappeared, out of 4 clubs one seriously survived a crippled one, two ran away without paying money, the 4th just closed (our players got everything to a penny, because we guarantee money for these applications).

Pokermaster also after the new year began to try to fight with the timple, this is done with the help of a system that fairly accurately determines the probability of timpley by indirect factors. This has already led to the ban hundreds of accounts and will lead to even more. It’s no secret that at the limit of 100-200 the game is extremely dirty in composition, and I would say that the Russians keep in this list 2-3 lines. One of the measures to maintain the purity of the game was the launch of a number of non-collude (well, type with strict timple control) clubs, which fortunately our players can access on request. The game there is very good, but also to you, gentlemen  the requirements are rather big, no 2+ accounts for the table and the like.

Well, let’s add some pure honey. The site 13poker surpasses at the moment all expectations. The game is a fairy tale, there are no minus ones. Welcome to 2010. I do not know how long it will last.

Good luck and all the best!

Thirteen Poker – online application for playing poker from mobile devices. For a number of reasons, this poker room is a pretty tempting place to play.


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