(14.01.2018) Sam Greenwood became the champion of the PSPC 2019 super high roller tournament


Sam Greenwood

Sam Greenwood is one of the top No-Limit Texas Hold’em tournament players. Therefore, as soon as the dealer handed out cards to the participants of the PSPS 2019 super high roller tournament with a buy-in of 100 000$, they were all wary of Sam because of his high skill and great experience.

Sam was not the final day chip leader, and he didn’t have many chips to play. But he managed at the right moment to get together and win. The sportsman himself says that he was dealt out very strong cards, and with such cards anyone could win.

Only a couple of hands took Greenwood to triple his stack at the very beginning of the final table game. This was largely due to Henrik Hecklen, who generously paid for the Canadian aces. Talal Shakerchi became the next to left the event when his J-9 didn’t turn out to be stronger than Greenwood’s pair of queens.

Then, one after another, various poker players began to leave the tournament, and in the end only two of them remained: Sam Greenwood and Henrik Hecklen. In heads-up there was quite gloomy situation for Henrik, because Sam could boast an advantage of 10 to 1 in chips. No miracle happened and Sam Greenwood brought the matter to a logical conclusion. The Canadian won 1 700 000$ and received congratulations from friends.

PCA super highroller tournament 100 000$ – results of the final table:
Sam Greenwood (Canada) – 1 775 460$
Henrik Hecklen (Denmark) – 1 284 260$
Jesus Cortés (Spain) – 828 560$
Chris Hunichen (USA) – 627 340$
Talal Shakerсhi (UK) – 485 200$
Igor Kurganov (Russia) – 378 750$
Steffen Sontheimer (Germany) – 301 820$
Stephen Chidwick (UK) – 236 720$


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