(14.05.2017) You are invited to the LZ Billions tournament.


Participation in tournaments with overlays is a great way to increase winrate because of the high probability of obtaining profit. That’s why, we strongly recommend you to take part in the LZ Billions tournament which will be held at the Pokermonster. If you want to maximize your profit, you just need to regularly participate in this tournament with a guarantee prize pool of 100 thousand dollars!

How to take part?

LZ BIllions is a weekly tournament with a buyin of 32 million gold chips (~ $ 320), as well as a prize fund of 100 thousand dollars. Since, the pool of players Pokermonster at the moment, relatively small (at the peak of 3000 players online), then in tournaments like this, very often there are overlays. Needless to say that for mtt player this is a very good opportunity to improve their performance?

Tournament starts 14-30 MSK  5 March 2017 .

Buyin – 32 mln Gold chips (about 350 $)

Starting stack – 6000 chips.

Blinds up – 12 minutes.

Prize Fund – 10 billion Gold chips (about $100k)



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