(15.09.2016) Registration Guide and Installation process desktop client Pokermonster (Lianzhong)!



Registration process at Pokermonster (Lianzhong) is quite simple and will not take much of your time. The whole procedure of registration and client installation takes approximately 5 minutes.

So, let’s begin:

1) First, you need to click on the link to register for Pokermonster (Lianzhong) on ​​our website http://u.pokermonster.com/asiapoker8888


2) Next, the login screen, you must specify your account name and choose a password to enter the 4-digit captcha and click register now


3) On the next page you need to choose your nickname and click Start.


4) Congratulations your registration is successful and you are logged in flash version of the client, and you can already start to the game. But if you want to download the desktop version then you need to download it from this link http://dl.pokermonster.com/download/newdownload/pksj_2.0.0.11.exe

5) Once you have downloaded the client on your computer, install it.

6) On completion of the client installation will open in the client login dialog box, you will need to change the authentication tab tab registration as shown in the screenshot. Enter your nickname and password. Drag the slider puzzle missing in the area, and press enter.



Play for Pokermonster (Lianzhong)


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