(15.09.2017) Aleksandr Gofman wins a million dollars in Sochi!


That’s over, the next stage of a large offline series from PartyPoker. After the deafening success of the previous series, the legendary poker room returned to Sochi. This time the organizers were not stingy and increased the prize fund of the September series up to $ 9,000,000, including the guarantee of the main event of $ 5,000,000. It was the Main Tournament of the series, namely the $ 1 million guarantee for first place, that attracted the attention of most players.

Aleksandr Gofman wins a million dollars in Sochi!

Aleksandr Gofman wins a million dollars in Sochi!

The main event of Partypoker LIVE MILLIONS Russia Main Event, became the largest poker tournament in the history of the CIS, in which 999 players registered. A guaranteed prize pool of $ 5,000,000 was shared by 161 players. And the best player was Alexander Goman, who finished in first place and receive $ 1 million in prize money.

In the final hand, when Alexander already had a serious advantage over the chips, he opened with a raise of 12.5 million with 6 ♦ 3 ♦, and Laka defended the big blind with A ♥ 6 ♥. The flop came 3 ♣ 4 ♠ 6 . Laka check, Hoffmann bet 15 million, Spaniard raise 45 million – Hoffmann called. The turn was Q ♦, after which David put 45 million and in response to his bet, he got all-in from the opponent. The river came 3 ♠, which brought the victory of the Russian player.

Final table results:

Position Player Country Payout (CSU) Payout (USD)
1 Aleksandr Gofman Russian Federation 1,160,000 1,000,000
2 David Laka Spain 696,000 600,000
3 Aleksandr Merzhvinskiz Russian Federation 464,000 400,000
4 Anatoliy Zyrin Russian Federation 348,000 300,000
5 Leonid Logunov Russian Federation 232,000 200,000
6 Philipp Zukernik Canada 174,000 150,000
7 Michael Sklenicka Czech Republic 121,800 105,000
8 Vadim Lipovka Belarus 81,200 70,000

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