(16.03.2017) Scheduled tournaments at Pokermonster.


It’s not a secret, about MTT tournaments which are one of the most popular kind of poker. Taking part in such of tournaments, you can win a fairly large sum of money for a relatively small buyin. With every day, unfortunately, to show good results in MTT becomes much more difficult, since the number of regular players in major poker rooms is just off scale. However, on the Internet there are still good places, such as the Chinese poker room Pokermonster.


It is a well-known fact that the main indicator of the success of MTT players is ROI (return of investment). In recent years, playing at medium and high limits is becoming increasingly difficult, and accordingly the ROI is also falling. You can continue to improve your game in pursuit of ephemeral perfection, or you have the opportunity to go more easily.

Not all poker rooms are equal in average players level. And if you want to find the most “sweet” compositions in tournament poker, then you just need to pay attention to the Pokermonster.  Some of the advantages: excellent compositions, conservative buyins, as well as not bad guarantees, in which there is often an overlay.

Scheduled tournaments at the Pokermonster


13-30 Super Stack 1.5m+150K ( 18$) 800 gtd
15-35 The Baller 1m +100k (12$) 1080$ gtd
19-00 The Big Baller 2m+200k (24$) 2700$ gtd
19-30 The Grinder 5m+500k ( 60$) 3250$ gtd
21-05 1.5m+15k Super Stack (18$) 1080$ gtd
22-15 Daily Big Turbo (24$) 1600$ gtd
22-45 Nightly Bloody Turbo 1.5m+1.5m+300k (36$) 1600$ gtd
23-40 Hyper 6max KO1.5m+500k+150k (23.5$) 800$ gtd
00-35 Midnight Bloody Turbo 1m+1m+200k(24$) 800$ gtd
2-35  Hyper 6max 2m+150k (23.5$) 100$ gtd


On Tuesday
19-30 Tuesday Snowball 8m+2m+1m (120$) 8100$ gtd
On Wednesday
19-30 Super Wednesday 15m+1m ( 172.5$) 16200$ gtd
On Friday
19-30 Celebrity KO 5,5m+1.5m+700k ( 83$) 7550$
On Saturday
19-30 Saturday Whale 10m+1m ( 119$) 10800$ gtd
21-30 Turbo Storm 500k+200k+70k (8.5$)  2200$ gtd
On Sunday
16-30  Micro Millions 1m+100k (12$) 2200$ gtd
17-30 Sunday Super KO 2.5m+2.5m+500k (60$) 2700$ gtd
18-30 LZ MILLIONS 10m+1m (120$) 21600$ gtd
19-30 The Spring Billions 30m+2m (345$) 108000$ gtd
21-30 Sunday Second Chance 7m+700k (83$) 5400$ gtd

As you can see, there is a lot to choose from this poker room.Pokermonster is one of the most promising Asian poker sites, which is constantly growing, so will grow both the tournament guarantees and the number of tournaments.

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