(17.08.2018) Poker World is a new asian poker application.


We’ve added another poker app Poker World – this is a new Asian poker app. We think that this app will be loved by the players who are at low and middle stakes.

Poker World

Poker World

What do you need to know about Poker World?


There is not as much traffic as we would have liked to see. However, there are plenty of weak opponents at the tables. Currently the major stakes are ½ to 20/40 yuan. The best time for play is evenings at word days Beijing time. The main game here is NL Hold’em. There are 6-max and heads-up tables.

This app looks good visually. The client has English version, some base stats and 4-color deck for the most pretentious regulars. Software may be assessed to 8 out of 10.

One of the best rooms to play at lower and middle stakes. The games are quite weak, You are able to meet 2-3 weak players at each table.

How to start playing?
If you’d like to start playing in this app, just contact our manager via Skype to get the new account.

How to install Poker World?


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Poker World is a game platform for playing online poker.

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