(18.02.2019) High stakes regulars announced a boycott of PokerStars


Successful regular players on PokerStars announced a boycott of the room with the requirement to change the conditions of the game. More than 300 players of online poker tournaments have already joined the protest.

The initiator of the boycott was a regular player GirafGanger7, who has won more than 8 million dollars online. He urged high stakes players to ignore the most expensive Turbo Series 5200$ [8-Max Progressive KO, High Roller] tournament, scheduled for February 17. In their statement, the players who joined the protest demanded an open dialogue with the management of the PokerStars room and improvement of conditions at the tables.
“We, the MTT community, believe to have a bit more leverage because we can make or break the guarantees and divert action from one site to a competitor, if need be, more effectively. We will stand together and make a change for the better. We want to get a dialogue going, both with Pokerstars and the other sites, in order to give proper feedback as to what we believe needs to be changed”.

The boycott initiator contacted another poker-room, PartyPoker, and conducted negotiations with its management. The negotiations were successful – as a result, Partypoker announced a tournament, almost repeating the conditions of a boycotted one, but with a lower rake.

The protest was joined by world celebrities of online poker such as €urop€an, bencb789, C Darwin2, lena900, Robinho, Steve O’Dwyer, and also Russian-speaking high rollers such as Romeopro, hello_totti, fish2013, black88, Evnomiya.

The Sunday PokerStars tournament eventually took place anyway. It gathered 187 participants, and the prize fund amounted to 935 thousand dollars with a guarantee of 750 000$. 23 players cashed in this event, “needdollars” became the winner and got almost 100 thousand dollars as a prize.


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