(18.09.2017) The most expensive and largest tournament on Pokermonster.


Now, in the Chinese poker room Pokermonster held the final days of the LZCOOP series with a total guaranteed prize pool of more than 800 thousand dollars. And already, this weekend there will be two major tournaments of the series.

What is advantageous?

In most cases, tournaments that take place in this Chinese poker room are extremely beneficial for mitt players. First of all, due to the fact that there are regular overlays. Secondly, it is necessary to recognize that the field here still remains “to put it mildly” not the strongest, even in tournaments with high buyins.

Unfortunately, the series of tournaments is coming to an end, but you can still grab your piece from the prize fund of 800 thousand dollars. After all, the biggest tournaments are yet to come!

Already this Saturday, the most expensive LZCOOP tournament will take place with a buyin of 1050 dollars. The prize fund of this tournament is 100 thousand dollars. The starting stack is 20,000 chips.

In turn, the main tournament of the series will start at 10-30 Moscow time. The Bayin of this event will be 530 dollars, and the prize fund will be 200 thousand dollars. The starting stack of 20 thousand chips, the growth of the blinds for 15 minutes.


Largest Chinese poker-room, game up to 11-22$ and Texas, also Chinese poker OFC, Cashback 45%.


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