A short review of private clubs at the PPPoker.


You probably already know that, PPPoker is a new Asian poker room, which is a mobile poker application. The main feature of this poker room is private clubs, which we kindly provide to all our players. The main part of PPPoker players consist of rich amateurs from China, India, Singapore. They are playing here very expensive and shi… bad.

Let’s take a closer look at the games in this private PPPoker clubs.

At the moment, we provide access to three clubs:

Aces & Kings.

Aces & Kings is a Singapore poker club. The main part of the players consists of the inhabitants of Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand. The currency of this poker room is the Singapore dollar SGD (1SGD = 1 $ USD).

The standard traffic in peak hours is about 20-30 tables from NL200 to NL3K NLH and PLO. The field is soft, with often more than one random player at each table. Heads-up is available in NLH and PLO.

2) Indiapokerpros.

Indiapokerpros. From the name it follows that this is a club with players from India. The currency of the poker room is the Indian Rupee (1USD = 50 INR). In general, traffic at peak hours reaches 25 tables.

Despite the overall low standard of living, the number of rich amateurs is numerically high. The best time to play Indiapokerpros, comes a few hours earlier than in Europe.

3) APL 2.0.

APL 2.0. (Asia Poker League) is a new poker club with Chinese players and an expensive cash game. All games at the tables take place in the formats HU, 6 max and 9 max. But, unlike other clubs, here you can play MTT.

The cost of chips in this club is $ 3 for 10 chips. Thus, the maximum available limit at the moment is NL9K.

How to get into an indoor club and why is it needed?

Let’s just say, for “ordinary mortals” it’s almost impossible to get into one of the clubs we proposed. To get access to an expensive game you need to apply, and after that our agent to recommend you to the owner of the poker room. Which, in turn, makes the decision to take you to the club.

How is PPPoker profitable? It’s simple. This is a place that is replete with recreational players and profitable highstakes game, both in PLO and in NLH. Available heads-up tables and an expensive game up to NL9k.

Hurry up to apply to our manager in Skype or by email.


PPPOKER is a mobile poker application that is absolutely accessible to all players. To get access to real money games, a system of conditional (playmoney) chips is used here.


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