(2.02.2017) The fabulous success one lucky player in Maine Event 2017 Aussie Millions.


Main Event Aussie Millions 2017 completed a sensational victory for an unknown Australian player Shureyna Vidzhayarama , which, by the way passed “bumpy ride” on low-cost satellites to the winner Main Event . Surprisingly, only a week, he multiplied their investments 12 300 times, turning from a simple amateur player into a millionaire.

How are dreams come true….

Before becoming famous, just an Australian guy Shureyn played not very expensive tournaments and satellites. A ticket to the Main Event Aussie Millions  2017, he won in Sunday’s tournament for just A $ 130, and in next Sunday he played on the final table of the main tournament with a huge handicap from the second place.
He has a good company at the final table it was famous players as: Fedor Holtz, Luke Roberts and David Olson. The shortest stack was at Fedore Holtz, and although the Germans did not manage to hold on. Holtz left tournament after 52 hand of the final table, where he had middle pair on the flop failed to put up against Jeff Rossiter, who had top pair and a flush draw ( A 6 vs  A 7 board  6 3 7 4 K). As a result, Fedor departed in fifth place received 335,000 Australian dollars. After that hand Rossiter race up at the first place. But this did not save him from relegation to the fourth place in the confrontation with Vidzhayaram.  Heads-up  lasted only 20 hands, Vidzhayaram began with 3x advantage over Ben Heat, with a margin even experienced player was not difficult to obtain title and pick up the first prize of $ 1 600 000 Australian dollars.

Final Table Results 2017 Aussie Millions Main Event:

  1. Shureyn Vidzhayaram – A $ 1.6 million ($ 1,208,368)
  2. Ben Heath – A $ 1 million ($ 755,230)
  3. Tobias Hausen – A $ 620,000 ($ 468,243)
  4. Jeff Rossiter – A $ 440,000 ($ 332,301)
  5. Fedore Holtz – A $ 335,000 ($ 253,002)
  6. David Olson – A $ 270,000 ($ 203,912)
  7. Luke Roberts – A $ 210,000 ($ 158,598)

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