(20.09.2017) Increase your bankroll at the Pokerlords!


Nowadays, almost every person has a smartphone or tablet running on iOS or Android platform. Most owners of such devices wants to playing poker for real money from their gadgets. Although a few years ago, mobile online poker seemed to be something not ordinary and was not seriously perceived by professional players. But, already now, almost all poker rooms have their own mobile application. And some poker rooms do have at their disposal only a mobile client. For example, in China, playing poker from a mobile phone is wildly popular and has a leading position in the market.

Basically, our players are interested in where they can play expensive and in good compositions. Chinese mobile applications, can not be better meet these requirements. Over the past few months, poker rooms such as Pokermaster and Pokerfishs have proven themselves in the best possible way. A few days ago, we published a review on Pokerlords – another Chinese poker room for a mobile phone. We strongly recommend that you pay attention to this offer.



Pokerlords is an exclusive poker room based on iOS and Android. This application is not yet widely known to the general public. However, already now there you can find 20-40 tables with recreational players from Asian countries, at the limits of 4-8 – 5-10 CNY(NL100-200 $).

Pokerlords application is designed specifically for mobile devices, so it is not only convenient for the game, but also provides a minimum amount of traffic. To our players, we provide instructions for setting up a client for the PC. Thus, if you wish, you can play several tables.

The main advantages of Pokerlords:

1) A large number of action at medium limits. 20-40 tables with recreational players from Asian countries, at the limits of 4-8 – 5-10 Yuainey (NL100-200 $).

2) Expensive cash games up to nl2k.

3) Heads up tables.

4) Ability to play from PC, as well as from any mobile device.

5) Compositions for tables by the level of 2009.

Pokerlords is a mobile app with access to closed clubs with good action at the tables.


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