(20.10.2017) John Juanda got Fedor Holz eliminated from Triton Super High Roller Series


Super high roller series in Macao comes to an end. The winner of it is John Juanda from Indonesia who’s got $2 872 299 to his name.

Final heads-up of Triton Super High Roller Series featured him and famous high roller Fedor Holz – who got eliminated after four-hour battle. Holz way last year’s winner of this tournament. In the beginning of the final day John was one of the outsiders whole Holz was among the chip leaders.

“I’m really fortunate to play heads up and come out on top. I think we have a different style of playing.”

“It was intense to play against Fedor,” – Juanda told after the win. “He is an excellent player who is certainly known for winning all the high roller tournaments! I got lucky to meet him in the heads-up and get the lead. We have different playing styles. It was  good long match and I am certain he liked it as well”.

When asked how does it feel to have a biggest win of his career, he responded with: “It’s always a pleasant feeling to win a tournament of such a level. You have to play really well, and luck has to be on your side as well.. Especially now, when field is super strong. For instance, we got a feeling the field was really strong at the final table, everyone was just perfect”.

Juanda had some really good words about Triton Poker events: “I really liked Triton Poker events,  organizers take a good care of players, and they all are my good friends. I always feel comfortable in Manila, Montenegro and here, in Macao, it’s like I am visiting my old friends. It is a really nice and exciting field for the play. Not registration queues. The best cuisine of all the poker  tournaments!”.

Indonesian John Juanda got the biggest win of his career and made total prize money up to $23.6 million. Thanks to that success, John got to the seventh place in the list of the most successful tournament players, coming ahead of Phil Helmuth, Scott Seiver, and Holz is not fifth.

Holz got $2,101,674 for finishing second, and he managed to win over $26 million during his short career. He is ahead of the legendary Phil Helmuth here but 1 million behind Antonio Esfandiari.

General review of Triton Super High Roller Series

As a common high roller, super high roller with buy-in of HK$1 million got more popular than previous tournaments of Triton SHR Series with 87 buy-ins and over $10 million in prize money. Regulars were once again way ahead of amateurs with only one payout gong the way to hobby player from Taiwan James Chen (9th place, $300k).

The final day featured only 8 players – all of them were top level players with one of them being less popular – Australian pro Kahle Burns. Adrian Mateos (120 bb) and Fedor Holz (108 bb) were in the head of chip count with John Juanda being on the other side of the table with 27 bb.

Fedor Holz was a chip leader till the very heads up and Mateos got eliminated on the 4th place with nice mover from John Juanda. Them Juanda has beaten Kahle Burns  and got almost twice the stack of Holz to the heads-up. Fedor wasn’t going to give it up without a fight without losing the half of his stack in the very first hand. He later started to win big pots and even managed to get chip lead. Unfortunately for Holz, blinds were so high to the moment, players went all-in almost every hand by then and after winning the coin flip, Juanda got back to the top and couple of hands later in an equal situation (Juanda only had little edge preflop) got his out and won the tournament.

Juanda  A 5 ♠

Holz A ♠ 3

Board  9♣ T 6 6♣ 5

Triton SHR Series Super High Roller Final Table Results:

Final Table Results

PlacePlayerCountryPrize HKDPrize USD
1John JuandaIndonesia$22,410,400 HKDUS $2,872,299
2Fedor HolzGermany$16,398,000 HKDUS $2,101,674
3Kahle BurnsAustrailia$10,151,000 HKDUS $1,301,018
4Adrian MateosSpain$6,950,000 HKDUS $890,757
5Dietrich FastGermany$4,607,000 HKDUS $590,425
6Stephen ChidwickUK$3,436,000 HKDUS $440,380
7Timothy AdamsCanada$2,811,000 HKDUS $360,257
8Isaac HaxtonUSA$2,421,000 HKDUS $310,271