(20.12.2018) Isaac Haxton Wins 3 672 000$ for winning a prestigious tournament


Isaac Haxton Wins Super High Roller Bowl V

36 participants registered in the 300 000$ Super High Roller Bowl tournament, which allowed the overall prize pool of the event to reach 10 800 000$. It is not surprising that with such a large buy-in only the top poker players reached the final. There were only seven prize places, and 3 672 000$ was promised for the winner.
Ali Imsirovic, who shows excellent results in 2018, became the first to leave the game. This time, his pair of jacks did not hold versus A-5 of Haxton. As a result, he got the 7th place and the minimum payment of 540 000$. Immediately after the loss, his father supported this poker player.

In sixth place, Igor Kurganov left the game. His pocket pair of sevens turned out to be weaker than pocket tens of Brit player Shakerchi. The player thanked the opponent for the game and immediately went to the cashier for a payment of 756 000$.
Alex Foxen worked hard for Adrian Mateos to finish the game in fifth place. The only Spaniard at the table lost a coinflip, but won 972 000$ for his result.
The four finalists sighed with a little relief, since now each of them was entitled to a payment of at least 1 000 000$. Talal Shakerchi busted in fourth place and instantly got the best prize in his career in the amount of 1 118 000$.

Almost immediately after this, an experienced poker player Stephen Chidwick left the game. Stephen went all-in with A-Q, he received an instant call from Haxton with a pair of jacks. There were neither aces nor queens on the board, and Stephen Chidwick left the tournament in third place and at the same time took 1 512 000$ with him.

Alex Foxen and Isaac Haxton met in heads-up. Isaac immediately rushed forward and quite soon he already had twice as many chips as Foxen. Reaching the end was a matter of time for Isaac and the audience was preparing to see the last hand of the tournament. The dealer gave K-J to Haxton, and Foxen got A-8 in his hands. Both poker players went all-in, and then everyone saw king on the turn and jack on the river. This meant one thing: Alex Foxen became a runner-up of the event and received 2 160 000$ for it. The champion – Isaac Haxton – went to be photographed with his winnings of 3 672 000$.


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