(15.12.2016) 2016 WSOP Main Event winner Qui Nguyen’s presents his book.


In 2016 Qui Nguyen surprised the poker community when he won Main Event WSOP and proved that even a humble Vietnamese immigrant dreams comes true. Taking home the whopping $8,005,310 WSOP Main Event prize, Qui decided to buy a house with a pool for his son and write a book “From Vietnam to Vegas!: How I won the World Series of Poker Main Event”.

2001 was a big year for Qui, at 24 year-old he made the big move from native Vietnam to the USA. Two years later he would play his first game of Texas Holdem and 13 years later he would win the Main Event. The victory was not only an accomplishment for Qui but also for the entire Vietnamese poker community; demonstrating that an amateur Vietnamese player can take down the biggest poker event in the world and stimulating the Vietnamese poker boom. Currently there are poker clubs open all over the country.

Qui Nguyen decided to write a book detailing his thought processes on all his 176 key hands at the final table. Many professionals were perplexed by Qui’s unorthodox play style and believed he was playing erratically without sound poker theory. The book is a compelling read because it unravels the method to his madness, backed up by instinct and mathematics.


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