(21.01.2019) 888poker released a new Poker 8 client


Poker 8 is not an ordinary 888poker room update, but a completely new software on another engine. Almost everything has undergone changes: layout, sound effects, chat and so on. Only lobby’s appearance remained the same.

The new client has many advantages. Design has become more beautiful and modern. Recreational players will enjoy playing on the software in this style: everything has become brighter, more colorful and animated.
The sound effects became more attractive compared to previous. Poker hands’ animation is more modern and colorful. Plus, it has become many times faster: the number of hands played on one table per hour will increase.
Now it’s more convenient to analyze how the hand proceeds. Players who have committed a passive action (call) are highlighted in green, and those who have committed an active action (bet/raise) are highlighted in orange. Also you can see a player’s action under his nickname.

The action buttons at the table are now located in the center.

When the players go all-in, they can see the chances of winning.

The chat and note recording system have become more convenient.

A new client also has a sufficiently large number of minuses, most of them are related to bugs, which were noted by beta testers, but were not fixed.

The launch of the new version of 888poker was, to put it mildly, not without downsides. But the new software is not worthy of such a big criticism. Modern updates are good for poker: bright fashionable designs will attract recreational players. The defects will be corrected with time, and the new software is a step forward. Therefore, the Poker 8 client is recommended to test and form an opinion by yourself.


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