Pokerfishs is a new Asian poker room for playing with mobile devices iOS or Android. But, for our players, we have prepared an instruction for setting up a client on your personal computer.

Step-by-step instructions for installing Pokerfishs on a PC:

At first glance, you might think that this is a rather complicated process, but if you do everything according to our example, then you will do everything in no more than 10 minutes.

Important! You need a 64-bit Windows system!

    1. To get started, we need to download the android emulator http://www.memuplay.com/
    2. Install the emulator and turn it off.
    3. After installation, download the update Memu lolipop 5.1.1. At this link http://www.memuplay.com/blog/index.php/2016/11/18/memu-android-5-1-rc3-is-released/. The file is called MEmu-Lollipop-rc3
    4. Install the update, and then launch the shortcut Multi Memu on the desktop
    5. In the window that opens, you will need to click Create emulator, and then select android 5.1    

  1. After the emulator android is created, click Start.
  2.  In some cases, when you turn on the Memu application, the program will ask you to enable virtualization on your computer in the BIOS:
  3. – Restart the computer and enter the system BIOS menu (usually with Alt + F4 or Delete or F2 or F2 + Fn).
  4. – Go to the Processor section and enable Intel® Virtualization Technology (on some systems may be called Virtualization Extensions) or AMD-V. Save the changes by clicking Save & Exit.
  5. Download the Pokerfishs client at this link http://www.pokerfishs.com/download/android.html
    After that, go to the emulator android as shown in step 5.
    Download the downloaded Pokerfishs client into the emulator android                                 

After that, the application should be installed. In general, if you follow the instructions the whole procedure should not take away from you a lot of time. In order to start playing to register, please write to us via Skype or email.


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