(21.04.2019) Brazilian club PPPoker: cash games NLH, PLO and MTT.


New Brazilian PPPoker club with very good traffic has been added to the test account and is available to our players. Want to see the quality and quantity of the game? Contact us via Skype. And now, let’s take a closer look at what this Brazilian reservation on PPPoker platform is.



Poker and Brazil:

What is the first thing that comes to mind when we pronounce the word Brazil? Football, gorgeous women, carnival, TV shows, coffee, etc. In fact, this list can be continued, because Brazil is a huge country with a rich culture, excellent nature and beautiful people.

Brazilian poker players are known for playing in a rather uncommon style. As a rule, this is over aggressive and very loose poker. Recently, a large number of players from Brazil have appeared at the tables of many poker rooms. This is due to the fact that football stars such as Neymar advertise poker. PPPoker is no exception. There are also several clubs where you can play against Brazilian players.

Brazilian club PPPoker.

A few weeks ago, we added the Brazilian PPPoker club to our test account. The game in the club played are on Brazilian Reals. The cost of one chip equals one Brazilian real (~ $ 0.25). Some players have already managed to try to play and were satisfied with the result.

The club has very good traffic and a wide variety of games. The main action takes place at cash tables in Holdem – from NL10 to NL200, and also in PLO – from PL10 to PL750. Here you can also find tables of 5 card Omaha and Chinese poker OFC. And the club regularly holds MTT tournaments with a good prize pool.

If you are interested to play at this PPPoker club please contact us via Skype or by email.


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