Престон Ли

The next tournament in the World Series of Poker ended, Event # 39: $ 1,500 No-Limit Hold’em Shootout, which was registered by 908 players, and the prize pool was $ 1,225,800. The winner of this event was Preston Lee, who defeated Corey Dodd in a 12-hour heads-up. For the first place in this tournament Preston received $ 236,498. In the key hand, Preston Lee with ace queen called all-in Cory Dodd with a suited ace-ten. The flop came queen, and Dodd remained with half of the big blind, however, before the final defeat, he managed to double a couple of times, but the miracle did not happen.

Lee did have the better of it for the most part, however. “The plan was just to grind him [Dodd] down, get it in, hopefully win…” which brought a chuckle, given how many times the trailing hand ended up taking down the pot. 

Final Table Payouts :

1st: Preston Lee, $236,498
2nd: Corey Dodd, $146,146
3rd: Anthony Reategui, $105,307
4th: Dylan Linde, $76,829
5th: Jesse Kertland, $56,763
6th: Young Phan, $42,476
7th: Royce Matheson, $32,198
8th: Alexander Lakhov, $24,728
9th: Bas de Laat, $19,245
10th: Endrit Geci, $15,180

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