(24.11.2016) 5 reasons to play on Fullpot poker!


Nowadays, in the network we have many different poker rooms. Among the huge number of proposals the question is: how to choose a suitable option? To answer this question, it is necessary to consider the poker room on certain criteria, namely: safety, number of players during peak hour, average level players, deposit and withdraw methods, loyalty program. In this article we will look at the poker room Fullpot poker, which we think, fits perfectly for playing poker.



5 reasons to play on Fullpot poker:

1. Safety. Fulpot Poker – as independent Asian poker room, which is one of the largest and most recognizable brands in China. The larger the poker room, the more carefully he watches his image and thus better ensure the financial security of its players. Of course, you can never be 100% sure of their safety, no matter how Big poker room. One has only to recall, how many of the players have lost access to their funds, after the so-called “Black Friday” when the US Department closed Full Tilt one of the largest poker room in the world. Nevertheless, Fulpot Poker in the gambling industry for a long time and yet produces only good impression.
2. The average level of the players. Fulpot Poker, mainly focused on the Asian market. This is poker room sponsored many of Korean cybersports stars, and due to this they have a constant flow of recreational players. In general, the game is low enough that it is undoubtedly another reason for playing Fulpot Poker.
3. Number of players during peak hour. In the Fulpot Poker is constantly playing a few thousand players. In the evenings, a lot of games at the medium and high stakes in PLO and NLH. In Fulpot Poker are some of the most expensive games in OFC Pineapple.
4. Deposit and withdrawal method. This site is available to the most popular ways of depositing and withdrawing funds on the Internet, such as Skrill and Neteller. Thus, available quite profitable exchange of funds on our website through an agent.
5. Loyalty Program. Immediately after registration the players receive 30 game chips. The main advantage of Fulpot Poker, rakeback is 40%!

We believe that Fulpot Poker – it is perfectly choice for our players.

Play on Fullpot Poker


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