(24.11.2016) Who plays on poker666?


In recent years,  find a good game in online poker becomes much more difficult. In the main poker rooms are constantly “reg wars”, in which a maximum of what you can expect to get  is a slight profit or game above to zero.  And this is why, we prepared for you a small survey in which you will know, where now you can find one of the best field in the Internet poker.

A couple of months ago, we presented on our website to review  of the Middle East closed poker room – poker666. This is small poker room, almost around the clock, you can find action at medium and high stakes. Players level at the poker666, very weak and is strongly reminiscent of offline poker. There is mostly played by businessmen and amators who is are poorly versed in the basics of the game.

Contingent poker666 tables may consist up to 90% of  players like this:






Of course appearances can be deceiving, but believe me this is not the case. These people play poker not for money and income, they are interested in the game itself. By this, they can at any time to give you some of his stack on a random  cards.

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