WSOP bracelet is the highest achievement for a poker player. In turn, the World Series of Poker is a kind of “Olympic Games” for the best of the best. Therefore, every self-respecting professional seeks to achieve the WSOP Champion title. In this article, there will be a talk about the players who in their career have overall won ~ $ 84 million, but so far, and could not get the trophy bracelet.

5 PLACE – Mike McDonald

Mike McDonald is a professional poker player from Canada. At the 15 year old he got to know poker , then he made a small deposit, and by the age of majority he had a bankroll passed for 100 thousand dollars. McDonald is the youngest player who ever win the European Poker Tour (EPT Dortmund 2008 – € 933,600) and the youngest player to win the Epic Poker League (EPL) tournament. At that moment, this Canadian professional has won more than 13 million dollars, but in the list of his achievements there are no victories on the WSOP.

4 PLACE – Tom Marchese

Tom Marchese is an American professional player from New Jersey. Currently he living in Las Vegas. Throughout his career, he won more than $ 15 million. In 2010, Marchese received the title of the player of the year by CardPlayer. Among the victories, this poker player has a lot of big tournaments, but so far, not one of the WSOP tournaments has succumbed to him.

3 PLACE – Dan Smith

Dan Smith is one of the most recognizable players in the poker world. His achievements are impressive, as for his career he won more than 16 million dollars. His biggest winnings are $ 3,078,974. Throughout his career, he was 25 times in prizes, as well as 10 times in the top-10 at the WSOP`s tournaments, but he never managed to take first place.

Dan Smith

2 PLACE – Steve O’Dwyer

Steve O’Dwyer is an American professional player living in Las Vegas. He is one of the most successful poker players, as he managed to win over $ 18 million in prize money for his career. O’Dwyer performs equally well, both online and offline poker. The biggest win in his career at the moment is the victory in a $ 100,000 tournament buyin at the PCA of the Bahamas in 2015, for which he received $ 1,872,580. Nevertheless, he has not yet managed to win at one of the World Series tournaments.

1 PLACE – Sam Trickett

Sam Trickett is a professional poker player from England who regularly plays at the highest stakes. In his career he won more than $ 20 million, and his biggest win was in the tournament “Big One for One Drop”, which he played on his birthday, where he took 2nd place and won more than $ 10 million. Despite such fantastic results, he has no victories in the World Series of Poker tournaments.


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