(25.09.2016) GPL: Moscow Wolverines confident is a leader in Eurasia Conferences




Yesterday in Eurasia Global Poker League conference was played several exciting heads-up matches, two of which ended in a dry score.

Rome Emperors – Hong Kong Stars
Timothy Adams – Weiyi Zhang

The first was marked by a crushing victory, Timothy Adams, who plays for Rome Emperors. In the first match with Weiyi Zhang from Hong Kong Stars in the beginning he pressed his opponent to the ropes. With hand K-5, he hit a king on the river and beating the pocket sevens of Hong Kong representative, went ahead 1-0 in the match. And in the second game  Timothy quickly pulled away  his opponent, and then expose two pair against a flush draw Zhang. River is not bailed out the representative of  Asian team, and the scoreboard lights up 2-0 in favor of Adams.

The fate of the last three points, played out in  mast, decided in two more hands. In  first, Adams caught a flush on the flop against two pairs of Zhang and  second K-Q Chinese could not beat A-6 Canadian. Thus, the latter won with a dry score and brought “Emperor” nine points.

Moscow Wolverines – Paris Aviators
Anatoly Filatov – George Danzer

The first two matches have turned into protracted battles, in the end of each Anatoly took precedence. The final distribution of the first batch  9-8 Danzer fell under the domination of the A-8 Filatov, and the five board cards did not change the balance of power. The outcome of the second fight was resolved in coinflip – pocket deuces NL_Profit were stronger than the A-8 Danzer.

“A goal of prestige” failed to score in the final match to George. Danzer seized  initiative from the outset and then dealt a final blow, a flush hand with K-3 off suit against A-Q suited Filatov.

Perhaps, in the final defeat of the party not too upset Anatoly. He provided Moscow Wolverines leading position and good separation from the closest pursuer at Eurasia Conference.

London Royals – Berlin Bears
Justin Bonomo vs. Dominik Nitsche

Bonomo briskly began his match, winning the first game in just four hands. Nietzsche tried to bluff Justin 4-6-10-9-9 on the board, but the American made the right call with the hand A-10.

And in the second game of Nietzsche was not able to get much-needed glasses Berlin Bears, losing last of his chips with A-10 hand against Bonomo’s pocket jacks. In the final match Dominic finally failed start, but Bonomo and thought rest on our laurels. First, Justin took the initiative, and then effectively ended the match with pocket aces.

Standings at Eurasia Conference
Thanks to the six points from Anatoly Filatov, “Wolverine” is still a strong lead in the Eurasia Conference. After a confident victory Bonomo, throw in a coin box of a command 9 points, London Royals took clear second place. Hong Kong Stars have a good chance of getting into the playoffs, but still can not feel safe, Paris Aviators and Rome Emperors hang on their tail.



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