(27.02.2017) One step away from a record. Maurice Hawkins again wins the WSOPC!


On February 20, the American professional player Maurice Hawkins won his next trofey in the WSOPC tournament series. He already has 9 gold rings, and it is on the verge of absolute record since the same number of rings from another player Alex Mashek.

The next stage of the series took place in the WSOPC Palm Beach (FL). At a side event of the tournament for just  $ 365 buyin, which won Maurice Hawkins. The event generated 167 entries for a total prize pool of $50,100. The final 18 finished in the money. Hawkins won the ring in the event after a heads-up duel. He collected $13,527 for first place.

During his career, Maurice Hawkins won more than 2 million. Dollars in live tournaments. Last year, he set a record when he won the WSOPC tournament just three, so he became the first player, which won two consecutive tournaments Main Event.