(28.04.2017) Uncle Finney’s Poker is a revolution aplication for online poker?


It became known that the company Live Player Games first launched an application for Android, called Uncle Finney’s Poker which is based on the technology of the smart contract E4ROW (Ether For the Rest of Word). The technology of the smart contract in the application will be used to calculate the result in heads-up. In other words, the main difference between Uncle Finney’s Poker and traditional poker rooms is the absence of deposits and, accordingly, withdrawal of funds. The bankroll is not stored on the operator’s accounts, and the risk of losing money is zero. The technology of “clever contracts” ensures the transfer of money from the losing player to the winner, immediately after the end of the game.

What is Uncle Finney’s Poker?

Uncle Finney’s Poker is a mobile application for playing heads-up poker. At the moment, the application looks very simple, and only five-card draw poker is available for the game. The main currency of the poker room is  cryptocurrency Ether (ETH). Therefore, the application was called Finney – 1/1000 part of Ether.

Unlike many online poker rooms, there is no rake system here. You play heads up, and when you get off the table, all bets are deposited directly into an independent contract Ethereum smart called “E4ROW”, which acts as a secure storage. The contract E4ROW charges 2% of the conditional installment for all distributed funds, but E4ROW does not depend on the Uncle Finney’s Poker application. It is noteworthy that over the past two days Ethereum Classic has grown in price by more than 20% against USD.

Most likely, this application is unlikely to be worthy of competition to other poker rooms, at least for now, but a fresh and non-standard approach can revolutionize the industry as a whole.