(28.11.2018) GG Network launched fast poker Chinese Rush


On November 26, the Asian poker network GG Network launched the fast poker format called “Chinese Rush”. In this material we will tell you what kind of rake and traffic it has.

Chinese Rush Features

As the name of the format suggests, first of all it will be aimed at attracting players from China. The GG Network game is played on the yuan, and the limits in fast poker will be presented as follows:

¥0,1 / ¥0,2 (NL3)

¥0,2 / ¥0,5 (NL7)

¥0,5 / ¥1 (NL14)

¥1 / ¥2 (NL28)

¥2 / ¥5 (NL71)

¥5 / ¥10 (NL142)

* Exchange rate at the time of publication of the material $1 = ¥6.95

* Rake in Chinese Rush on all limits is 5%.

The gameplay in Chinese Rush will be familiar to any player: NOT anonymous 6-max NLHE tables with a quick fold button and auto-buy option. However, not many people play this format yet, so this fold is not as fast as we would like. Sometimes you have to wait 5-10 seconds until you are put on a new table.

At the time of the material’s publication there is not so much game at the tables, but this is only the first days after launch. As you can see below, the game is up to the limits ¥1/¥2/

Rake race

To raise interest of users in the new product, GG Network will launch a rake race dedicated to Chinese Rush. It will be held from December 1 to December 31, with a prize pool of ¥ 680,000 (about 100 000$).

As in any other rake race, everything is extremely simple: you generate rake, get points for it (1 point = ¥ 0.01 rake) and try to score as much as possible. The higher place you get in the leaderboard, the higher will be your final prize.

For medium and low limits there will be separate leaderboards. Medium limits start at ¥1/¥2.


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