FightFishis the new Asian poker room for playing on IOS or Android devices. We also made an instruction for our players how to set the client to your personal computer.




It might seem to you this is a rather difficult process, however if you will follow the instructions of the example, it won’t take you longer than 10 minutes.

Important note! You need to have 64-x bit Windows!

1) To begin with, you need to download Android emulator https://www.bignox.com

2) Install the emulator.

3. After installation, for your convenience, change the language of the emulator from Chinese to English.

A) Click on the settings icon.

B) In the opened window, scroll down the menu and click on the icon as shown on the screen.

C)In the window that opens, click on the menu item in the upper left corner.

D) Select language English

4) In some cases when Memu app is turned on, the software will require virtualization on your computer BIOS:

— Restart your computer and enter BIOS system menu (usually with the help of combinations Alt + F4 or Delete or F2 or F2+Fn).

— Go to the section Processor and turn on Intel®Virtualization Technology (it might be called Virtualization Extensions in some versions) or AMD-V. Save changes with the help of Save & Exit option.

5) There are two ways to download the FightFish client:

From the official site http://zhanyuhuyou.com
With GooglePlay – FightFish

6. Open android emulator and load into it the downloaded apk FightFish.

1) click on the right side panel of the emulator, as shown in the screenshot.

2) Then, in the opened window click on the download button.

3) Chose APK in your PC and download it.

After that, the app will be installed. In general, should you follow the instruction, the whole procedure shouldn’t take much time from you. In order to start playing and sign up you should right us via skype or email.

FightFish is a new Asian poker room available for mobile devices play on IOS or Android. Nevertheless, our clients are able to install the PC client. The major advantage of this poker room is expensive cash at the higher stakes up to NL6K. Fish Poker was meant for highrollers and now you are able to enjoy your play against sweat opponents.


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