(3.12.2016) Jose “NACHO” Barbero won the third LAPT title!


December 3, 2016 ended with the last LAPT tournament this year, which took place within the Brazilian Series Of Poker. The winner inthis tournament was a professional poker player Jose Barbero.


Jose “NACHO” Barbero

The three-day tournament which was held in the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo, has collected only regional professionals. Buy-in in this tournament was R $ 8,000 (about $ 2,3k). The final table Jose Barbero nicknamed “NACHO”, met resistance from opponents than he took in  top 3, when he offered a deal arranging the shortest stack. Players agree to divide the money leaving the winner of the additional R $ 93,114.


Jose “Nacho» Barbero – $ 99,072
Thiago Grigoletto – $ 79,906
Felipe Passini – $ 91,404



Remarkably, but in 2010, Jose Barbero failed twice to win the LAPT tournaments that were held in Uruguay and Peru. In 2013 he had the opportunity to make a hat-trick, but unfortunately,  he finished third in the tournament which was held in Chile. Thus, having obtained the third title, he became the absolute champion of the series.




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