(30.12.2016) Poker666 has moved to another domain and changed name to Poker100.


At the end of the passing year, the middle eastern poker room Poker666, moved to a new address and changed name. Now, this poker room will be called Poker100. Old usernames and passwords are available again at the new address!



Along with the change of its name and moving to a new address, followed by a much more important changes, especially for the players. Namely, the new design of the lobby and registration tables. Unfortunately, at this time, the desktop client version is not available, but the flash version is much more convenient. and understandable. By pressing just a couple of clicks, you can change the background, deck or card table cover.



In addition to the design, you can change the settings of “bet slider”, enable or disable sound effects or animation. In general, the new flash client has all the basic features for a comfortable game.

It should be noted that the main advantage of the game on POKER100 site is playing against weak players. Here you can find, businessmen and amateurs which poorly understands the rules of the game, and they are ready at any moment to give you their stacks.

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