31.08.2016 Bluffonline $ 600,000 ARS (40,000 USD) gtd in September rake races!



All players sites network Red Latina de Poker, this network includes by the way  Argentine poker room Bluffonline recently presented at our site,  have a good chance to take part in  September rake races.

$ 600,000 ARS (40,000 USD) guarantee! For the 1st race which will be from September 1 to 14 $ 300,000 ARS (20000USD) and  for the 2nd race Carrera from 16 to 29 September $ 300,000 ARS (20,000 USD).

Each table will be 45 prizes. In both races will be two levels of tables leaderboard. Level 1 leaderboard will be for 5-10 limits inclusive, and on this level  prize pool is $ 174,000 ARS. (11,600 USD) on the 2nd level take part limits of 10-20 which prize pool is  $ 126,000 ARS. (8400 USD).

Play on Bluffonline.


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