(5.01.2017) New jackpot game on Lianzhong Poker!


Lianzhong Poker (Pokermonster) – is a Chinese poker room with the possibility of playing on real money, where several thousand people playing online poker. Game in Texas and Omaha you can find up to blinds 100-200 万 – which is to $ 11.5-23, as well as in Chinese poker pineapple (OFC Pineapple) at the rate  up to $ 30 (250 万) per point . This Chinese Poker Room constantly holds various promotions, as well as pleases its players with generous bonuses. By this, we are pleased to present you a new jackpot game for players cash.

New jackpot game on Lianzhong Poker!

New jackpot game on Lianzhong Poker!

Now, the new promo is available only to the desktop client. The main feature of this game – is to collect the highest combination, gathering you receive ypur prize. To participate in the action, you need to put a tick in a special paragraph shares in the menu, and then your account will be removed with 0.1 million chips.

What are the prizes?

Flash – 0.5 million in chips.
Full House – 0.8 million in chips.
Four of a Kind – 5 million chips.
Straight Flush – 20 million chips.
Royal Flush – 70% of the jackpot.
Besides playing on the site Lianzhong you get rakeback up to 45%, and of course one of the best field on the Internet. 

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